Barycenters in metric spaces

Clustering in metric spaces

Sequential prediction/optimization in metric spaces

Chen-Chvatal conjecture

Applications of discrete curvature to your favourite graph pbl


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Discrete Geometry


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​Short talks

  • Gradient descent algorithms for Bures-Wasserstein barycenters. T. Maunu. (link)

  • Estimation of the Wasserstein distance in the spiked transport model. J. Niles-Weed. (link)

  • Recent Progress and New Challenges in Learning Undirected Graphical Models. G. Bresler. (link)

  • An introduction to optimal transport. N. Gigli. (link)

  • Of triangles, gases, prices and men. C. Villani. (link)

Longer video series​

  • Short course on gradient flows by F. Otto (part 1, part 2, part 3part 4, part 5

  • MIT course on Geometric Data Analysis (link)

  • Great lectures on Riemannian Geometry by Pr Frederic P. Schuller (link)